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CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish

Stakeholder discussions and planning for the Livestock and Fish small ruminant value chain development project began in mid-2012. By November, sites were selected and teams were trained to carry out rapid value chain assessments in the project’s 7 research sites (including for the safe food fair food project).

Field implementation of the rapid value chain assessment ran through December 2012 and January 2013 with mixed CGIAR-national teams collecting data in Atsbi, Doyogena, Menz, Horro, Abergelle, Yabello and Shinelle districts (see pictures).

The teams used a toolkit developed through the Program and undertook focus group discussions with farmers using checklists and participatory methods as well as key informant interviews with local experts, traders, butchers, livestock researchers, transporters, veterinarians and NGOs.

The preliminary reports from these assessments are being reviewed at three multi-stakeholder workshops on ‘Targeting Action Research on Small Ruminant Value Chains in Ethiopia’ held in March and April…

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